The Story

There are a large variety of graphics applications incorporating gradients (color shaders), but so far there have been very few attempts to standardise an interface for creating and editing them. This leads to a steeper learning curve for users, an inconsistent feature set between applications, and unnecessary extra work for developers.

Our offer aims to provide both a standardised interface for editing gradients, and a standardised data type for exchanging gradient data between elements of the same or different applications. In attempting this, we have been inspired by the standard NSColorPanel user interface and by the NSColor standard data type. Building on the conventions established by these components, we present an interface that is initially simple, attractive and unintimidating for users, but which is nevertheless feature-rich and comprehensive for more demanding work desired by advanced users. We believe that in comparison to the majority of gradient editing controls found in today's graphics applications, our approach is more intuitive, more featureful and a much more complete solution.